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Whore Is A Compliment

I like sex and money. <3

I’m starting this blog because I’m a whore. No, really. Literally. I fuck for money.


I’m starting this blog because I’m a whore. No, really. Literally. I fuck for money.

And y’know…

I’m goddamn sick of being talked ABOUT instead of TO. I’m sick of listening to otherwise intelligent people start talking about how all prostitution is rape, and how if for some whores it’s not, they should really just shut up and sit down in order to cater to The Movement. Because obviously my own lived experience is worthless bullshit if it contradicts your ideology — I totes understand. I mean, insomuch as a stupid whore can wrap her little abused brain around systems of oppression. Hey, we all do our best.

Let me make a few things clear about me. I’m not claiming they’re true of all or most prostitutes, but they are true about ME, and I have a right to say them.

  1. I like what I do.
  2. I’m not financially needy. I like extra cash to buy expensive shit I otherwise might forego, but by expensive shit, I don’t mean “medical bills” or “rent”. I mean that I would maybe buy a PC instead of a Mac, but the whoring money allows me to splurge.
  3. Being a whore made me love my body for the first time in my life. It shouldn’t be hard to explain how, after a lifetime of growing up seeing commercials about women whose bodies don’t look a damn thing like mine, it can be refreshing to realize that people will pay to worship my body, stretch marks and saggy tits and all.
  4. It’s true that it’s a dangerous job. It is primarily so because it’s illegal where I live. Thankfully I am well-trained in self defense and turned the few people who’ve threatened my safety into sobbing puddles on the floor.
  5. I’m a goddamn militant fucking feminist, but I’m not prescriptive. I don’t tell people what to do with their personal lives. In all honesty, “The personal is political” should be interpreted as “The personal has a political component, but shut up you fuckstupid fascists if you think that outweighs individual lived experience.”

The End. For now.

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